Friday, 12 May 2017

What's Your Current Project?

 I have worked with a few people who were always talking about 'the next big thing' around which they would create a 'scheme' or 'project' to create a vast fortune.

Most were really impractical, some were immoral and a few were downright illegal so it is fortunate that none was ever launched. 

Instead, their originators got into earning a living in a tick-tock 9 to 5 job helping someone else to get rich or, making babies, or both. That's when projects concerned weeding the garden, household DIY and car repairs and schemes were just the stuff of dreams.

One of my seafaring buddies and I came up with one project idea that might have happened if we had been able to find the courage take the plunge. 

We were on a tanker making regular trips between Rotterdam and various Italian ports. The idea involved buying used Riva speedboats in Italy where they were in plentiful supply, shipping them back one at a time as deck cargo when we could restore them during our off-watch periods and then flog them in the UK via signing up 2nd.hand car- dealers. Yes, daft I know but in my early twenties on the midnight to 0400 watch, such ideas tend to grow beyond all proportion. 

Whilst trolling the web for pictures of the classic Riva boats [I still lust after one] I came across Brigitte Bardot photographed aboard hers which had been a birthday gift from husband Roger Vadim. My male readers of a certain age may understand the notion of lust in a less wholesome context which was quite normal in the 1950's.

I never did get to meet BB nor to own a Riva, although I did get to ride one in Venice a few years ago.

Oh yes! That project idea is that you should always have one as chewing gum for your mind during otherwise boring flights or rail trips or even when on a long drive. Planning such flights of fancy can help you get off to sleep or provide escapement from the stresses of the real world. The only condition is that they must always be  different from your current responsibilities and essential tasks that need your priority.

Don't expect them to come to pass - although one might make it. I guess you'll never know for sure unless you try. 

Sweet Dreams and thanks for your time.

P.S. I just had an amazingly superlative project idea whilst writing this. 

P.P.S. A fully restored 1938 Riva will cost you at least €500,000.