Sunday, 14 May 2017

Weekend Coincidence and Irony

Photo by 17 Oct 2016
Very early yesterday morning I was meandering around blog sites whilst getting my first caffeine fix. 

I landed on David Lawrence's blog for Friday 12th May where it became apparent that he and I had hit on the same topic for our postings... 'Project Planning'. It was also where he mentioned another post that I had previously missed from ... dead/

Having got my synapses in a twist when adding an erroneous caption to one of Dave's I was intrigued by Johnny's caption to this photo. It went like this: LeicaM2+Leica Summicron-M500m f2 [Kodak Tri-X 400 in XTOL over exposed by one stop, overdeveloped by one stop]

Now that's what I call an eye for detail bordering on the obsessive! Back in the day [around 1952] when I used black and white films and had a home darkroom, I could hardly recall where I was at the time, let alone all this gubbins.

Now for the irony. Johnny used this picture [below] to head up his post. I would have expected someone with his eye for detail to use a state of the art exposure meter or, at the very least the guide that is always printed on, or in, a film box.

Cheat Sheet from J.Patience Esq.
But no. He uses what looks suspiciously like a Field Notes pocket book as a cheat sheet. Now THAT I can understand ... even altho it is still way more techno than my 'set it to infinity at 1/250th at f8 - unless it is sunnier or gloomier and then adjust the speed up or down a notch'. This may explain why my professional photography career was rather truncated.

So he is a notebook using human after all!

As for captions, some people say that a great photograph should speak for itself and needs no caption. When I was editing magazines I always created a style journal for staff and one rule was that every photo must have a caption and credit the photographer's name. Maybe they don't teach this stuff in 'meejia studies' at university [Sorry! 'Uni'] these days?

My caption for that header pic would be 'Sunday Morning at the Coffee Shop' and, speaking of coffee ... after all, this stuff about the details and captions is never as important as 'regular Americano to drink in please'.
Ramsgate Sea Front Wednesday May 10 2017
Canon Ixus 70 digital
Set on auto everything

Photo by Colin