Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Watch Stuff

The Friday before last, on May 28, I posted this picture of a Chicago Camera Shop which reminded me so 
much of the places that existed in every town when I was growing up.

I have had an email from Dave Lawrence [link over on My Bloggers' Hall of Fame] pointing out that I had erroneously credited the picture to one Eric Kim. I clearly had a moment of mental aberration because the photograph is by none other than Dave Lawrence. I have now corrected the caption.

No excuses! My own daftness! I had been checking out Eric before getting lost in the enjoyment of, and admiration for, Dave's archive and became confused.

Three  big lessons for us all here! Use your own photos instead of borrowing them from other people and, if you do become inspired to use theirs then always give them credit correctly. And ALWAYS give credit whenever you use a picture.

By the way, I temporarily added Eric K to my blog list but, after a couple of weeks deleted it because of the sheer volume of his postings ... sometimes three in a day. I also dislike his frequent use of the sort of language that I expected to hear when I was seafaring, but not to read in print. Not then, not now, not ever. My apologies if any of you came across his indelicate choice of words by accidentally linking to his site.

Now to happier matters!

No, my wristwatch is not / was not a £200 Armani but, a similar looking black faced piece by an outfit called Neon.

It was good for a tenner until the night it stopped and even a new battery couldn't give it the kiss of life.

I was reminded of my 12th birthday when my Dad spent the equivalent of one week of his wages £7.10.6d to buy me this Kelton watch as a reward for passing my 11+ scholarship exam in 1949.

It was clockwork of course and I was warned not to over-wind it, or turn the hands backwards or submerge it in water under pain of mortal sin or, at least, invalidating the generous 12 month guarantee.

A few years later at sea, it gave way to an Omega and then a Favre Leuba ... a self winding ton of chrome metal and, of course a black face and  bright enough luminous paint to cause a nuclear radio active scare. For over 20 years I owned an expensive gold plated Raymond Weil timepiece where only genuine straps would fit at £60 per pop along with, 'we recommend an annual clean and service Sir'.  Yeah! Recommend away!

And so to last week. I treated myself to another amazing timepiece. Here it is. And, in a better light, below.

The final picture shows its source and price. I don't expect it to last long, so I bought three of them while I was in the mood.

I took this shot - all others on this post are from
files on the the internet.
Now when was the last time that you actually noticed  someone who  was wearing a watch that cost them north of six figures? And if you did, then did you care? As long as they felt good about it we should be happy for them I suppose.

So banish any thoughts of a fool and his money or of more money than sense.

As for the golden coloured 'dress watch' of last summer ... it was donated to a charity shop as I couldn't read the time in anything approaching direct sunshine.