Monday, 15 May 2017

Staycation Journal Happening Now

 I am using a low-cost, flexible approach to the journal of our 2017 Staycation/weekly excursions. The idea is to hit one local attraction per week using our bus passes and having a budget that'll average £20 a visit/day between us.

So far we have limited to indoor destinations until the weather warms up and the wind drops. We've been to Margate Shell Grotto, Canterbury Cathedral, St Augustine's Shrine in Ramsgate and Ramsgate Tunnels. We retrurned to the town as it was open day at Pugin's [pronounced pew-gin] gorgeous house.

Back to the journal then.

The medium is a delightful Mini Album from The Range. It has 36 pages of slip-in pictures or documents. Best of all it was only £2.50

Of course this is no use if you prefer to write a journal when you are out and about. I find it ideal because I prefer to write stuff up after the event.

I use normal A4 paper which offers plenty of scope and, by creating a 5 x 7 text box in the top left hand corner I can fold it to present the 'first page' which goes on the right with pictures on the left and bits of ephemera tucked in behind.

I collage my pictures using good old fashioned cut and paste techniques with scissors and glue stick which are then scanned and reduced to 5 x 7" format.

Maybe I should let these pictures do the talking here. Of course there is no right or wrong way to create a journal or anything else, there is only the way that is right for you and that harms nobody.

Travel safely. Travel light. Live light and be the light. Travel not to escape life but to ensure that life doesn't escape us.

Found the final photograph on the Scription site where Patrick Ng, prolific user of Instagram and regular traveler, offers regular lifestyle updates. Here he says he 'met a quiet Sunday afternoon at home' by framing ephemera from his various travels.
Beats dumping it in a rubbish bin and could offer a viable alternative to keeping a bound journal or, with a bit of collage photocopying, as an addition to your travel souvenir stash.