Friday, 19 May 2017

Photo Journaling Week 1


I am a person of average intelligence but limited abilities, Combine these with a low threshold of boredom and a laid back attitude and they create a thin veneer of knowledge about a wide range of things with hopefully, a little more depth about a few of them.

For instance, I have a fascination for ... and experience of ... small business entrepreneurship, books across a broad spectrum   of genres and subjects, art and photography. I deliberately leave aside the softer elements of 'emotional intelligence', feelings and relationships for this post, despite being OK at most of these too.

So that's where I am coming from and it is outlined here to help create a perspective for what follows.

The internet offers many examples from photographers who have embarked on '365 pictures projects' involving a shot a day for a year. This would have been too expensive for me in the days of film and chemicals but is now very affordable and, unless you print your results, almost free with digital gear. That meant I no longer had any excuse for not walking the talk on this as a project proposal.


I have kept journals, on and off, for well over half a century in a wide variety of book formats. With a nomadic lifestyle involving frequent house moves, it has been essential to develop a zen like attitude to possessions. hence the habit has been to ditch and destroy each previous one when starting a new book.

A couple of journals actually made it into print as self published books for my own pleasure and family. Such photobook creation is now an expense too far, I DO have one which has survived my frequent book culls. It has plenty of photographs and very few words to invoke some fascinating scenes of Italy.

Raffaeele Celantano has a street scene, reportage style that is almost timeless and, from him, I learned to move in close and use a wide angle lens. I discovered his work at an exhibition in Sorrento a few years ago.

ars vivendi 2008 ISBN 978-3-89716-807-7

the text is in German but the pictures speak anyway
More next Friday, if all goes to plan,  Until then, what motivates YOU and is it time to start your own new project, whatever it may be and wherever it may take you? Unless you try, you may never know.

Thanks for being here.