Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Mists of Time

 This was actually a bit of a wake up call I suppose.

Several years ago I made an album of the dozen or so ships that I had sailed on between 1956 and 1966.

That album, like the originals of my photos has long gone. I scanned the pictures from various internet sources and printed on normal A4 photo paper here at home.

As a spare time project I have decided to recreate this record of my maritime years and, as a first step, bought this postcard from an eBay seller.

My point today is not about the ship but about the sheer tactile and visual delight of handling a picture on genuine, heavyweight, photographic paper with its wonderfully deep contrasts and clear definition. It has been way too long since I last experienced the utter quality of genuine film and chemistry based, monochrome photographic prints.
At my desk May 22nd 2017 0630 Hrs

My budget is severely restricted these days so, of course, I enjoy the cheapness of digital-everything compared with the costs of the way we were. So, although it may take a while, I aim to seek out REAL photographs for the new album.