Monday, 8 May 2017

A Photographer's Embarrassment

No, not this portrait below which is actually from my first ever passport photo way back in 1947. In fact it's kinda cute but would not meet today's high security requirements.

Neither is it the xillions of photos that I have taken around the world since the first ones in that same year with my first camera. 

In fact I had NEVER felt embarrassed at anything photographic ... until last month.

That's when I ventured out to learn to use the camera on my smart phone for the first time. Holding a real camera up to my eye seems natural. It even felt OK holding a medium format film camera at waist level. I eventually made the transition [mentally kicking and screaming] from analogue film to digital. 

At least the hold and stance were similar.
But, out in public, holding something that looks disturbingly like my deceased Dad's old cigarette case, at arms length and trying to see an image in bright sunlight on a flat screen? Aw! C'mon! That's no way to appear in public!

Almost as embarrassing as poor old John Sergeant must have felt. What a shame it was to see this once competent and professional veteran tv commentator reduced to clown like credibility. I don't mean his excruciating appearances on Strictly Come Dancing. I mean that fortunately short-lived series of a few years before, where he revisited some iconic sites to picture them with a modern take. 

What idiot of a producer allowed John to adopt a low 'knees bent crouch' to look through the viewfinder or screen of an obviously digital camera whilst the special effects department over dubbed a mechanical click from an analogue camera? And for EVERY faked shot too.This truly was a laugh a minute and not for the right reasons. 

But even his public humility was nothing compared with how I felt attempting to take photos with a phone. It just ain't natural.

As for selfies ... no way! Let's not even go there!